Kantar BrandZ™ Most Valuable Global Brands 2022

The combined value of the world’s Top 100 most valuable brands has increased by 23% to $8.7 trillion over the past year, Since its inception in 2006, the overall value of the Kantar BrandZ™ Top 100 Brands ranking has increased by a CAGR of 12.1% - more than three times the growth of global GDP over the same period.

Key trends highlighted in Kantar BrandZ’s global study include:

  • MICROSOFT, ZARA AND IBM lead the way in the new Kantar Sustainability BrandZ Index, which shows sustainability already accounts for 3% of brand equity and is expected to rise. Consumer sustainability perception rose significantly in recent years, with Chinese consumers ranking second, next only to Americas.
  • TESLA is one of this year’s biggest success stories shifting to No.29 from No.47 mirroring the world-wide sales trend of electric vehicles more than doubling in 2021. China’s new energy vehicle brands are also gaining momentum, with BYD joining the auto sub-category ranking.
  • LOUIS VUITTON (No.10; $124.3bn) is the first luxury brand to reach the global Top 10 reflecting the growth of the luxury market worldwide and in China in particular. Louis Vuitton experienced 64% growth in brand value this year.
  • NEWCOMERS in 2022’s ranking emerge from a range of categories. China’s KUAISHOU made its debut at No.82 with an evaluation of $26.54bn.
  • CHINESE brands hold strong, despite facing unique pandemic challenges, placing twice in the global Top 10 with Tencent at No.5 and Alibaba at No.9. Haier continues its journey of building an IoT ecosystem brand and achieved 33% growth in brand value.
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